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Children’s Health Related Physical Fitness

Children’s Health Related Physical Fitness

3 Apr 2024

Over the past two weeks, we’ve had the privilege of visiting the Siyaphakma schools and conducting Health-Related Physical Fitness (HRPF) testing with Grade 4-7 learners.  More than just obtaining immediate results, this initiative aims to cultivate a culture of health and wellness within the Siyaphakama school community, it is crucial for evaluating learner’s physical well-being and pinpointing areas of improvement.

With the support of our dedicated Siyaphakama coaches, we conducted thorough assessments covering various aspects of fitness. From Hand Grip Strength to sit-and-reach flexibility, standing broad jump, and the 20m shuttle run test, every aspect was meticulously evaluated. Not only did this provide valuable insights into learner’s physical fitness, but it also served as a learning opportunity for our coaches, enhancing their proficiency in administering testing protocols and procedures.

The results obtained from HRPF testing will provide a significant understanding of the current fitness levels of learners. Armed with this knowledge, we can tailor our physical education programs to address specific areas of improvement. This allows the project to continue its commitment to nurturing the holistic development of our learners. Through comprehensive evaluation and tailor-made programmes, we are not only addressing immediate fitness needs but also laying the foundation for a healthier and more empowered generation that has the opportunity to thrive physically and mentally.