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Empowering Communities Through Health: Nelson Mandela University Biokinetics Students Lead Workplace Wellness Initiative

Empowering Communities Through Health: Nelson Mandela University Biokinetics Students Lead Workplace Wellness Initiative

13 May 2024

In a transformative display of community engagement and practical learning, 3rd and 4th year Biokinetics students from Nelson Mandela University engaged in a rewarding experience as part of their work-integrated learning, collaborating on a KaziHealth workplace wellness program at five Siyaphakama Schools. Together with the KaziBantu team, we conducted health assessments, measuring vital indicators such as.

  • Body Mass Index (measuring height and weight)
  • Blood glucose
  • Total cholesterol
  • Blood pressure

However, what truly distinguished this endeavour was its inclusivity. It wasn’t merely about the teachers; it encompassed all working staff within the schools. From the dedicated food preparers to the diligent ground staff and the indispensable administrative support, recognizing the importance of prioritizing the health and well-being of everyone involved. The enthusiasm and satisfaction expressed by the staff underline the significance of monitoring and prioritizing health in schools. By investing in the well-being of every school community member, from educators to support staff, the KaziHealth initiative aims to lay a foundation for a culture of health and wellness. Facilitating conversations around their physical well-being, providing valuable insights and awareness to enable individuals to take proactive steps towards healthy lifestyles. The collaboration between Nelson Mandela University’s Biokinetics students and KaziBantu exemplifies the power of community engagement and proactive health initiatives. As the students reflect on this rewarding experience, they emerge not only as skilled professionals but as individuals of change, reshaping and positively impacting communities one wellness initiative at a time.

Testimonials of students:

  • “Taking part in the KaziHealth initiative opened my eyes to why work must start at home and in paying attention to our communities. It aided in reinforcing why health promotion is vital.”
  • “Being involved in the KaziHealth initiative made me aware of how many people in our communities live unknowingly with chronic conditions and it showed me the need for interventions and education which needs to take place in these communities.”
  • “It was humbling knowing that I could offer value to an initiative promoting health and wellness to a community of people that essentially helped put me in that position.”