Playground and toilet facilities intervention for primary schools.

Complementing the KaziBantu program, KaziPlay enhances playground facilities and toilet ablution facilities at two disadvantaged South African quintile 3 schools in the Northern Area of Port Elizabeth.

The primary target group of the intervention are learners from grades 1 to 6.


The intervention entails:

Construction of sports facilities

Renovations of toilet ablution facilities

    • based upon the needs and requirements of the respective schools; and
    • based on designs that can be reused at other schools from low-and-middle-income settings.

A tool-kit containing construction sketches

Providing details for each of the implemented solutions that can assist KaziBantu to scale up the work to other schools from low-and-middle-income settings.

The implemented infrastructure will meet the common safety and quality standards for sports and toilet facilities and is developed by two South African architects.