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Innovation Excellence Project Award

We are happy to announce, that today we were awarded the Nelson Mandela University "Innovation Excellence Project Award" for the KaziHealth intervention!

Webinar with MIE, Mauritius

Webinar program

KaziBantu - An Overview

The Modules

The KaziKidz Cartoons

A Series of Four Cartoons

BRICSCESS Conference

KaziBantu Dissemination Workshop, Cape Town

Article in the Sunday Times

Overweight Teachers on Watch

KaziHealth Programme

Teacher's Health

beast - UniBas Student Blog

Experience report from a MSc Thesis

SAMRC - South African Medical Research Council

Successful KaziBantu grant application

Healthy Schools for Healthy Communities

A day in the life of a KaziKid

KaziBantu Teacher Awards

School in Walmer Township

KaziKidz and KaziHealth

KaziBantu Dissemination Brochure

Thetha of the Nelson Mandela University

Fast Track to Health  

UNESCO Chair for the University of Basel

Co-Chair for the Nelson Mandela University

OECD Learning Compass 2030

Physical and Mental Health

Painted Games

Development cooperation of the Canton of Basel-Stadt: Successful grant application

School Physical Activity

"Make school physical activity compulsory" (20190319_TheHerald_Results of the DASH study; The Herald, page 5; 18 March, 2019)

Pilot Testing of KaziKidz

'Children are our future' - this is a statement often heard in political speeches. But what does this future look like, especially for children living in neglected areas of the world? How can we create a future for them which consists of hope, health, joy, and wellbeing.

KaziKidz Teaching Material

In South Africa schools have an important role to play in the health and well-being of children, especially those from our disadvantaged communities. Our research from The DASH (Disease Activity and Schoolchildren's Health) Study has highlighted health-related problems among schoolchildren, and we have worked towards finding practical solutions. We, the KaziBantu Team have devised a fun and informative toolkit which is a handy resource for teachers and specialists, in line with the South African Curriculum and Assessment Policy Statement (CAPS).

Gesündere Schulkinder

Gesündere Schulkinder in den Township Südafrikas" (Uni Basel News; November, 2017)

SABC Digital News

SABC Digital News, state broadcaster in South Africa (15 October 15th, 2017)

DASH / KaziBantu Brochure

(Healthy Schools for Healthy Communites) (brochure for the Symposium on October 11th)

Basler Forscher

Basler Forscher verbessern die Lebensbedingungen von benachteiligten Kindern in Südafrika" (newspaper article in Basellandschaftliche Zeitung, September 14th, 2017)

Worms partly responsible

Worms partly responsible for lower academic results among children" (newspaper article in Dispatch Live; May 10th, 2017)

Leerders se gezondheid bekyk

Leerders se gezondheid bekyk (newspaper article in BURGER (Oos Kaap); February 16th, 2016)

Little appetite for study

Little appetite for study on an empty stomach" (magazine article in UNI NOVA; October, 2015)

NMMU in big takkie drive

NMMU in big takkie drive for schools" (newspaper article in HERALD; August 14th, 2015)

DASH Documentary

The DASH documentary (movie; August 12th, 2015)

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