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Physical Education Training for Foundation Phase Teachers

Physical Education Training for Foundation Phase Teachers

6 Oct 2022

In 2021, the KaziBantu Team, together with Dr Deborah Zeller from the University of Witwatersrand (WITS), developed a physical education (PE) short learning programme (SLP) that was accredited by the South African Council for Educators (SACE). This SLP was specially developed for teachers familiar with the PE challenges in under-resourced schools. The SLP aims to enhance teachers’ current PE pedagogical content knowledge and assist them further by making the KaziKidz teaching material freely available. KaziKidz is a toolkit developed under the KaziBantu project, which aims to be a holistic educational tool that leads children (and their teachers) through content, games and activities that encourage a healthy lifestyle.

We recently hosted a series of 2-day workshops at Nelson Mandela University in September 2022. The participants included schools from the Siyaphakama Zwide Schools Project. Attendees further included lead physical education teachers from the Eastern Cape Department of Education. The workshops were presented by Physical Education expert Dr Zeller, and Danielle Dolley from the KaziBantu project and Nelson Mandela University.

On day one, we unpacked foundational knowledge around fundamental movement skills, perceptual motor skills, and motor skill development by unpacking the basics of skills like running, jumping, throwing, and catching that children must learn and the best ways to teach these skills. We also engaged in discussions which allowed participants to reflect on their wellness and how they can be role models for their learners. On day two, we covered practical elements, focusing on the foundation phase PE curriculum, designing PE lessons, and making PE equipment using up-cycled household materials. Based on the participant feedback, the workshops were meaningful and inspiring. This initial implementation of the SLP marks an important milestone as we aim to continually adapt and develop this SACE-accredited teacher training based on critical participant feedback. For the successful and sustainable implementation of the KaziKidz content and SLP courses, cooperation with the Department of Education is required and we aim to expand and extend our current collaboration.

Feedback from the workshop participants

“All the lessons were fun, and I enjoyed them. I will even start exercising to improve my health-related fitness and promise to improve my lessons for my learners to do more exciting activities.”

“The workshop was informative and fruitful. Thank you.”

“The workshop was fun, and the facilitators did a fantastic job. I can’t wait for the next workshop.”


Figure 1: Workshop 2 teacher participants of the KaziKidz Short Learning Programme Foundation Phase, with Prof. Cheryl Walter, the South African principal investigator of the KaziBantu Project.


Figure 2: Dr Zeller presenting pedagogical learning content to the teacher participants of the KaziKidz Foundation Phase Short Learning Programme.


Figure 3: Object manipulation skills in action.


Figure 4: Teachers learning in action: the skills, knowledge, and values of physical education.


Figure 5: Teachers learning how to make their own Physical Education equipment using up-cycled household materials.


Figure 6: Dr Zeller (left) with Clarissa Abrahams (centre), the Senior Education Specialist for Life Skills in the Foundation Phase and Danielle Dolley (right), the South African KaziBantu project co-ordinator